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In this post, we’re going to talk about idea generation for entrepreneurs. Before we get started, I want to tell you a little bit about this website here. It’s all about, which I’ve created to share all the information and techniques that I use to help find the right ideas or start a business or find the right niche. It’s all about sharing different aspects of finding the right idea.
All right, so let’s jump right into this. Most people when they’re trying to come up with ideas for business they will tell you either to look at your skills, to look at what you know or the second way that a lot of people would do, it is basically to try and teach you to train yourself to look for, how many different ways of seeing problems to solve out there in the world. So, these are the kind of methods I found to be very ineffective about idea generation technique that I use myself and my clients.
For example, let’s talk about products. Some of you out there may be occasionally watching shark tank or other shows like that, there’s a vary. The number one probably best-selling product out there is called scrub daddy and you’re gonna look at this product, this is just a sponge. But, if you think about it going back to the whole thing about the annoying, time-consuming, and frustrating, the whole idea behind this particular product was actually, the inventor was out there scrubbing his hand or working with machinery getting hands really dirty and greasy and this kind of stuff just doesn’t come off with your normal soap.
So, this is again annoying, frustrating, or time-consuming. This is a prime example of why this particular product and idea was able to be so successful. Because it addressed a real problem that people were having, that was one of those three types. So you’ve got to have one of those three types where you’ve got the real pain associated with the problem.
So, let me give you another example. Consulting and coaching, for those of you out there, you’re trying to figure out what can I do in an online course about building a business offer.
So, here’s some example, one of the biggest problems that you guys may be facing out there and try me doing this. There are many and these are annoying, frustrating, time-consuming things, like, I just don’t know how to get started, I have no clue or I’ve got something here but I’m just put it up there in just no traffic, nothing. I’m not getting anybody seeing it I’m not getting customers and money. These the kinds of things that are annoying, time-consuming, and frustrating. So, the consulting area, the coaching area, and the online course creation area are all the same kinds of ways for searching for problems.
Here’s another one, although I’m not a big gamer. You can’t get past a certain place in the game, can’t get past certain things, some cheats are the type of things that people are always constantly looking for help on. Alright, this whole idea of finding problems actually works for areas that you wouldn’t traditionally think of as having problems. You can give me an example like entertainment, entertainment is something that people were like. It’s not solving a problem, that’s more just having to enjoy like, enjoying a movie or enjoying a show. But think about this from this perspective Roku this particular. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a little stick that basically streams video content to your TV over the Internet. Roku is basically just the problem that is solving or the frustrating, annoying frustrating time fencing problem is solving is and you just can’t find anything interesting watch on TV and for those of you, who may not remember, back in the old days, when you had to actually watch TV including just serve channels, that was a big problem, you can’t find what you interesting to watch this 52 channel, 520 channels, 10,000 channels, and nothing. It just what you want to watch and that’s just solving that frustration that annoying problem that people been having with video content. Nowadays, with a rope of what can you do, you can sit there binge-watch all day long and you just never run out of content and on top of this content that you like to watch.
So, you can see how this works. This whole thing about you know coming up with ideas you don’t have to have ten million different ways of coming up training yourself to be outgoing out there looking for ideas or see problems to solve. You just might use my treat, there are methods or techniques is that. Look at it, look for ideas that are annoying time-consuming. It works for you or in almost any area and that’s I’ve given a few examples here today just sort of giving you a feel of flavor board. These are just some examples of ideas that are founded on these types of principles. But ultimately, in the end, you need to find ideas that are right for you. If you were to go out there and say yeah, I’ve got this great idea for creating the next Hoover Air B&B the problem is, are you able to do that? So that’s what each party is about is helping you find those brainstorm the right ideas that you can do, that you can turn into a business.
So, that’s it for now. if you need any more information about online business or thinking about making a website, just fill up the form below and feel free to message.

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