How To Find Problems That Need Solving for Online Business

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Welcome to Today’s topic we’re going to be talking about, how do you find those business ideas that solve real problems that people care about. I’m going to talk a little bit about the method that I’ve developed that allows you to find hidden treasures in terms of business ideas and I call it the niche carny method.
So, let’s get started. When you’re talking about finding business ideas, there are all kinds of methods out there on the web, people giving you lists of ideas, trying to train you to look for problems, and people out there trying to share any kind of method they can think. I’ve tried pretty much all of these and then the problem I found with them is, it’s really hard to implement. End up finding a lot of problems that aren’t really problems, problem is that you think of problems. So, they kind of lead you off on the wrong path.
So, essentially I’ve spent a lot of time boiling this down. I think it’s really simple for finding business ideas that solve problems and it really boils down. It basically boils down to three things. I call it the ATF. A stands for annoying, T stands for time-consuming, and F stands for frustrating. So, here’s how you use ATF, one of the things that I found when you’re looking for business ideas, you want to have some way to focus on problems but the issue is, what kind of problems? All kinds of problems that aren’t really a big deal. For example, if I want to learn about how to grow plants, one of the problems is how much water should I use, This is not a really big issue.
So, how do you find those issues that are really big? that’s where ATF comes in, you’re essentially trying to put classify types of problems is, what you’re doing? So, the types of problems that you’re essentially looking for that are really annoying, really time-consuming, and really frustrating. I’ll give you an example here is, how this works that even within the kind of business that I do. Think about it, if you’ve been sitting there and searching for waste or ideas for problems to solve, it’s hard to brainstorm them, and thinking this way that’s some of the most annoying things about finding a business problem the issue is, there’s not a good way to do it. So, this works in terms of focusing yourself down those three areas, annoying, time-consuming, and frustrating will allow you to really focus on problems or think of problems that really matter to people that really are causing real issues real pain with people.
So, it’s not really about trying to train yourself to see problems because, when you’re out there I don’t know about you but I’m not really thinking about it that much I’m not really paying attention to things and trying to remember ten different things. I’m supposed to look for usually ends up you if you finding none of them. so when you’re out there, just start thinking in terms of annoying look for problems that are really time-consuming. Just look at how much time you spend on something that’s a time-consuming problem. If you spend hours on it and if you spend days on it that is the kind of problem that you’re looking for. So, just remember this kind of method called ATF, it’s the first step in terms of brainstorming ideas. In each carding method really helps people to find and develop business ideas.
Once you have a bunch of ideas, how do you pick one? how do you validate there’s demand? how do you come up with an offer that people really want to buy? how do you identify opportunities? because you’re gonna always have competitors out there. So, this whole niche to clarity method is all about being able to step you through. It holds a very simple six-step process, this just takes you basically a couple of days to get clarity on the cut on your business idea, and having clarity on that business idea is really critical to success. Because if you don’t know what you’re trying to build and if you don’t know what problem you’re really solving, you could be missing a target by a mile, and when you’re starting a business and committing resources, money, and time to doing something, you want to make sure that you’re as close as you can get. Otherwise, you just wait, you’re gonna end up spinning your wheels and wasting time on things. Sometimes you don’t get a second chance because you are run out of money.
So, it’s important to get this idea right in the first place. before I forget there’s also one other video that uh that I think would be helpful to you that besides just using the ATF method they say they’re the five things that a business idea needs to have a good business.
So, if you got this helpful and if you need any more information or thinking about making a website, just fill-up the form below and feel free to message.

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