GoDaddy vs Namecheap – The Clear Winner is….

Go Daddy vs Namecheap which one is the better domain name registrar? I always recommend that people get their domain name at Namecheap. I also get questions like, why you don’t use GoDaddy? GoDaddy is one of those popular domain name registers in the world and I want to just create a quick little post that explains why I always recommend Namecheap over GoDaddy.
Now, I have nothing against GoDaddy, GoDaddy is a good company they provide a ton of different services VPNs, hosting, domain name registration, all that good stuff and so does Namecheap too but Namecheap just has the better prices. Namecheap offers two primary things that make them the better option over say GoDaddy.
Number one is, their prices are lower so if we just take a quick look at the Namecheap, for example, I did super amazing and it comes out to $8.88 a year, and then it’s $10.98 a year. The introduction price is $8.88 years. So, you could register this as the main name for $8.88 a year for 5 years after that, it’ll go up to the regular price. So at the time of this post, the regular price is $10.98 a year.
Next, I have super amazing at GoDaddy and on this, you can just tell right now the introduction price is $12.17 a year. So, you have $8.88 or $12.17, which would you rather pay? obviously cheaper is better, that’s the difference and then the standard price after this introduction period is $18.17, the price really jumped. So, we’re talking about $8.88 and they couldn’t jump up to $10 or we’re talking about $12, and then it jumps up to $18 later on. So, that’s why I recommend Namecheap because that price is just way better. Namecheap also offers privacy protection for free. For GoDaddy privacy protection, GoDaddy is currently charging $9.99 per year for protection, with Namecheap you get it for free. So, that’s why I always recommend Namecheap over GoDaddy because the price is better and you get protection for free. Bluehost or even Hostgator now offers a free domain name for the first year but after that, they’re gonna tack on a fee in order to make a profit. You’re gonna be paying an inflated price for the length of your time having your domain name at Bluehost or Hostgator. So, if you really just want to get a domain name for free that’s cool, no problem, go with Bluehost or HostGator and get a hosting account there. But after that first-year introduction price, you’re gonna be paying a little bit more than you would be paying at Namecheap. If you’re gonna have your website for 3-4 years, that cost makes a huge difference because, with Namecheap, you can register your domain name for $8.88 a year for three or four years but in Hostgator or Bluehost, you get free for the first year and then you’re gonna be paying $20-something every year. After that, if you want to transfer it from Bluehost to Namecheap, that’s called a domain name transfer and domain name transfers are not free. So, you have to pay for it to transfer your domain name, and also it’s kind of a hassle to transfer because you’re gonna have to learn how to do that, you’re gonna have to learn how to unlock your domain, you have to change a few things on the back end, it’s just a bit of a headache and that’s why I recommend Namecheap. Namecheap has the best price and they provide protection. The primary advantage I would say that GoDaddy still has over Namecheap though is their marketplace, so people who are domainers and who want to buy and sell domain names, Go Daddy is way more advanced and robust. It’s a little bit more, it’s just not as developed on Namecheap. Namecheap really became known for its domain name registration. Now they offer a variety of other services like VPN, hosting, and that sort of thing just like GoDaddy, but still, they are the number one for strictly domain name registration.
so anyways guys that is it for this short little post. If you want to know any more information or thinking about making a website, just fill-up the form below and feel free to send your message.

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