Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?


Welcome to In this post we’re answering the question, when does my business need a mobile app?
Many business owners and marketers wonder when their organization would benefit from a mobile app, but it can be hard to know what circumstances warrant the time and budget to create an app. Would an app be cool? yeah, probably would, but is the ROI worth it? that’s a really good question. So, if you’re considering an ios or android app the first question to ask yourself is, Do I have a website? If that answer is yes then continue to consider an app. If the question is no then stop considering an app and create a really high-quality and mobile-friendly website.
Essentially every organization needs a website and it can be accessed from any device without having to download an app. It allows your audience to learn about you, hear your story, and your mission, be exposed to your products or services. It lets people contact you plus your audience simply expects you to have a website. Your organization must be able to be quickly found online but while a mobile-friendly website is an absolute necessity for modern businesses, a mobile app can create unique opportunities to reach your customers. We know that users of all ages are spending more time on mobile phones and according to mind c mobile users spend 87 percent of their time in apps, which may make an app a great outlet to reach your audience. But, your app must be worth downloading, that’s the key.
A business app must usually provide a unique experience not found on your website. So, if you’re considering an app that just tells users about your organization and shares blog articles, that’s really no different than your website and that likely won’t be very successful, unless you’re producing a huge amount of content and have a very loyal following. Your app should usually allow users to do something that your website doesn’t offer like, scan receipts and earn points, provide an augmented reality experience that lets them interact with your product or play a game, etc. One of the benefits for businesses using mobile apps is, making direct connections with customers particularly through push notifications and mobile purchasing. Push notifications are a direct line right to your audience, so there are numerous ways to take advantage of this and the most obvious being simply telling your most loyal customers about sales and discounts, that might interest them. Push notifications can be used to tease upcoming events, let clients know about a change in hours, or alert them to limited-time offers.
Companies not looking to sell through their app can still take advantage of the direct connection apps provide and many companies use internal apps to communicate with their staff and facilitate remote work. Companies with staff that work remotely or on job sites such as construction or engineering, often use internal apps to efficiently communicate between the job site and the office or send technical data to a database.
A fleet of vehicles can be safely tracked with an app without requiring employees to text while driving for instance. We’ve built apps like these before for clients and they have become really valuable for their team and their customers. All that companies use apps as an opportunity to showcase their brand. So, apps can take up the whole screen and create a really good experience for the client and that’s maybe a little more immersive, it can rely more on animation and stylish app icons, etc. There are certainly pros and cons to that as well.
So, should you build an app? That’s the big question. If your organization wants to offer a very unique custom experience that can’t be offered on a website, then an app is likely a good idea. If you want a more direct way to interact with your loyal customers, an app is likely a good idea. If you have a really large and very loyal following, and you’re offering a large amount of regular fresh content, an app is likely a good idea.
So, if you’re interested in a new mobile app, feel free to contact us.
We have a full team of app developers. We do this all the time and we would love a chance to serve you.

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