Advantages and disadvantages of using Wordpress in your digital marketing

Are you considering building your next website on WordPress? This post will be great for you because it’s going to give you the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress. So, what are the advantages of having a WordPress website? Well, budgets going to be number one, they are very cheap to develop and deliver. You can buy themes or templates which accelerate the speed at which you can build a website for your customers they’re cheap, they’re well supported, you can buy themes are a very inexpensive price. You have a huge market of developers to choose from. The disadvantage of using WordPress is that 26% of the Internet is now based on WordPress, so it’s an enormous playground for hackers. They enjoy hacking WordPress websites so they will find a template or a theme that has been hacked in the past or a plugin and they will look for websites that are using them, I’m also found a vulnerability they get enjoyment out of hacking in looking at your data changing your content. Now, imagine your content has changed over the weekend may be replaced with illegal content and you send a new prospect to your website hoping to engage them with a new project or win some business and they see illegal content, it wouldn’t be a great look, you’re more than likely going to lose the next deal. The disadvantage of using themes is, they can be very slow. Some themes can be laid in for five seconds, now Google is saying that any website that takes longer than three seconds to load it’s going to be losing 50% of traffic.
Now, imagine two people come to your shop front or they come to your office or knock on the door and you are a little bit slow to open the door in the real world or if you take 30 seconds to open the door I’m sure that’s fine, if you took five minutes 10 min it’s or an hour to open the door one of those people going to go somewhere else and shop somewhere else. Now online, the magic number is three seconds. If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, they’re going to bounce from your website and go to your competition. Site speed is one of the major key ranking factors for Google search engine results pages.
Look at the disadvantages of having a WordPress website. There isn’t really a disadvantage of using WordPress, there’s a disadvantage of using inexperienced coders to work on your WordPress, and that artificially deflates the price you might be paying for the products in the first place. So, when you’re paying cheaper prices for inexperienced developers, that might well come back to bite you in the future. if you found the value in this post useful, you can take it back to your business.
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